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ARRB 2018 Conference delivers international speakers

  • Posted on Wednesday 16th, May 2018.

Leaders in road transport infrastructure and technology came together earlier this month as part of a symposium organised by the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).

The ARRB 2018 International Conference occasioned keynote addresses from industry experts as it focused on establishing sustainable technological innovations in Australia’s transportation network – an industry that affects, in one way or another, every Australian.

Olympic gold medal winning cyclist, Anna Meares, opened proceedings. Meares, reportedly told of her own experience overcoming great adversity and the crucial function of teamwork in the history of human endeavour.

Randall Iwaski, Executive Director of Contra Costa Transportation Authority in California discussed some of the challenges of running the largest Connected Automated Vehicle testing ground in the US. Backed by US$300 million in government funding and private equity, the facility coordinated key investments to insure industry was abreast of the latest developments surrounding autonomous vehicles. He suggested it would be in Australian interests not to fall behind, claiming that once industry was disconnected from next generation connectivity there were immense challenges inherent in catching up. The Australian Automated Vehicle Initiative, Iwaski said, had a role to play in coordinating efforts in this sector across the country.

Other presentations at the ARRB 2018 International Conference covered pavement engineering and intelligent roads to asset data measurement, smart journeys, disruptive technologies, platforms and services, human factors of transport, building road safety and sustainability and resilience.

(Image: Contra Costa Transportation Authority Executive Director, Randall Iwaski.)

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