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ARRB refinishes its iPAVe

  • Posted on Tuesday 11th, June 2019.

The Australian Road Research Board's (ARRB) Intelligent Pavement Assessment Vehicle (iPAVe) has returned to Melbourne headquarters for a service after travelling Australia conducting road surveys for the past few months.

The iPAVe has undergone a refinish to update its livery with the new ARRB branding.

ARRB acquired the iPAVe to provide pavement strength testing.

The unit is reported to be the eighth delivery of a Traffic Speed Delectometer (TSD) in the world with previous systems operating in Denmark, UK, Italy, Poland, China and the US.

The iPAVe was fitted with Hawkeye survey equipment, which according to ARRB makes it the first fully integrated road surface and sub-surface condition assessment system in the world.

"This system utilises Doppler lasers to monitor the response of a pavement to the application of a mass," said ARRB. "Data provided includes continuous pavement deflection profiles, from which bearing capacity indices can be derived and pavement fatigue estimated. The high accuracy and resolution of the iPAVe enables engineers to pin-point areas where the pavement may be subject to failure."

Earlier this year, the Federal Budget allocated ARRB $2.6 million.

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