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Austroads sets framework for DG risk assessment in tunnels

  • Posted on Friday 21st, June 2019.

The transport of Dangerous Goods (DG) carries some inherent risk but banning DG from tunnels can shift this risk to other areas that may increase the overall risk profile and have an economic impact, according to a new report from Austroads.

The research report sets out a framework for undertaking risk assessments of transporting dangerous goods in road tunnels.

Dangerous goods, according to Austroads, are items or substances which are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment such as petrol, liquefied petroleum gas, paints, pesticides and acids.

“The most common approach to transporting dangerous goods is on roads however, this can be contentious, especially when navigating through sensitive infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels or when the route is near schools or hospitals,” Austroads said in a statement.

The report is reported to provide an approach for road managers to compare the societal benefits of using a road tunnel or another surface route across a complete journey. It also provides information on the application of design methods to reduce risks.

It is expected that Stage 2 of this research (Dangerous Goods in Tunnels - ART6122) will review and further expand on this topic. The project is due to be completed in mid 2020.

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