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Blockchain to streamline aftermarket support

  • Posted on Thursday 17th, May 2018.

Distributed ledger technology, blockchain, could assist original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with tracking 3D-printed components through supply chains.

Speakers at technology summit, Consensus 2018, said that blockchain could create an immutable data source that identifies 3D-printed parts down to the machine that made them, the technician involved, and precise production conditions, according to Wall Street Journal. “Firms throughout the supply chain could use that data, shared on a common, unalterable ledger, to certify the provenance of parts, ensure they were manufactured properly, and quickly identify the source of any defects.”

Moog Business Unit Director – Transformative Technologies, James Regenor, reportedly said that it takes companies months to go through the papers to distill where the fault is. “Because we have audit trails, we don’t have to have the part in front of us to trust that it was built the right way,” he said.

Consensus 2018 speakers reportedly noted that useful blockchain systems will require all parties involved to agree on how data is stored and shared across the network, a governance challenge that will take significant time to complete. They also noted potential security issues, as well as the need to be able to move data among blockchains while preserving immutability.

Last year, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s data innovation group, Data61, reviewed how blockchain technology could deliver productivity benefits across government and industry.

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