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BPW Transpec upgrades axle seals for longevity

  • Posted on Tuesday 3rd, July 2018.

Heavy-duty equipment supplier, BPW Transpec, is introducing the Eco Plus 3 hub to the Australian market, highlighting long-term reliability and serviceability gains.

“We identified an opportunity to improve the serviceability of the system simply by incorporating a better sealing system,” said BPW Engineering Manager, Ian Thomson. Where the original Eco Plus hubcap requires tightening to 800Nm, the Eco Plus 3 only requires tightening up to 350Nm as it seals up against an O-ring which has now been added to the thread of the hub, making it easier for technicians to fit and remove the equipment.”

At the back of the hub Thomson said the standard 5mm Eco Plus seal is replaced with an improved 10mm-wide inner seal, featuring wider contact area in the hub. “The Eco Plus 3 hub design continues to use the torque prevailing axle nut, the proven wide bearing spacing as well as internal grease shields that reduce grease usage.”

The Eco Plus 3 has been actively used throughout Europe over the past three years, and the Australian market is benefitting from a design that has been optimised over that period of time.

While the geometry of the Eco Plus 3 in Australia is quite different to its European counterparts due to the wheel connections, the innovative inner seals used are exactly the same.

“By modernising the Eco Plus range, we are driving workshop efficiencies and providing axle systems that are built to last – even longer,” said Thomson.

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