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Brambles welcomes Amazon to Australia

  • Posted on Wednesday 16th, August 2017.

New South Wales logistics company, Brambles, has welcomed e-commerce giant Amazon's entry to the Australian market, saying the arrival will drive opportunities.

“Amazon will be a good thing for us,” Brambles CEO, Stephen Johns, told The Australian.

“In terms of Brambles our business model is very solid. It won’t be adversely affected and in fact there could be some good opportunities.

“Amazon certainly will be a disruptive force for retailers in this country, but how disruptive remains to be seen.

“As supply chains change and get more sophisticated, that is actually a good thing for Brambles and for our CHEP (Commonwealth Handling Equipment Pool) and IFCO business, which has reusable plastic crates which are used for taking fresh produce from the farms to supermarkets and to their distribution centres, in a similar concept to manufactured goods.”

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