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Brian Thomas has retired

  • Posted on Tuesday 6th, February 2018.

Air Brake Corporation Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Brian Thomas, retired 31 January and has been succeeded by Brendan Dullard.

Prior to joining brake system supplier, Air Brake Corporation, Thomas had 35 years of construction and mining experience in various management roles, initially starting In Australia, and then six years in the US followed by six years in the UK and three years in Hong Kong.

“Having decided to retire at 55, after the first three months, I became bored and decided to do something with less travel involved,” said Thomas.

“Air Brake Corporation were looking for someone to work from home and run Victoria and Tasmania, which appealed to me.

“Going from corporate life to a family business was quite a challenge let alone contributing to a new industry. One thing that helped greatly was joining the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) and becoming part of the executive team.

“This gave me an understanding of the industry, but more importantly developed contacts and relationships with a dedicated and enthusiastic group keen to work together with regulators, government, and other industry associations, seeking continual improvement,” he said – explaining that Air Brake Corporation has continued to grow and is now a leading supplier of brake kits to the semi-trailer industry.

Thomas said that being a part of the highly successful team at Air Brake Corporation is a career highlight.

Air Brake Corporation Sales Manager – Victoria, Brendan Dullard, said he first met Thomas 16 years ago, emphasising that he played an important role in developing the company as a top supplier of braking equipment in Australia.

(Image: Air Brake Corporation Sales Manager – Victoria, Brendan Dullard.)

“When I joined Thomas on the road meeting the customer base that he had built up over the last 16 years, the thing that struck me most was the high regard every single person we came across had for him,” said Dullard.

“Whether it was reception, quality assurance, engineering, purchasing or workshop staff, they all knew Thomas and would go out of their way to greet him.

“I soon realised that even with my knowledge and contacts within the industry, I had a big pair of shoes to fill.

“From the day I decided to join Air Brake Corporation, Thomas would be on the phone telling me how good I will fit this role, and I thank him for the time he spent freely teaching me a few tricks of the trade. The two months we travelled together is something I will put in my book as a great and enjoyable experience,” he said.

Thomas worked at Air Brake Corporation for 16 years and will continue to serve in a special project capacity while enjoying his retirement.

In 2016, Thomas became a life member of ARTSA – an achievement he is proud of.

ARTSA Executive Director, Rob Perkins, said that Thomas was the kind of industry association member that everyone needs: generous with his time and expertise and always ready to lend a hand. Thomas has already volunteered in his life member capacity to assist with upcoming ARTSA events.

"You cant replicate 40 years of experience, and to have that still on tap is a mark of the person that Brian Thomas is and continues to be in our industry,” said Perkins.

(Top image: Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association Life Member, and former Air Brake Corporation Regional Manager for Victoria and Tasmania, Brian Thomas.)

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