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Bulk Tanker Day to tackle ‘Science of Safety’

  • Posted on Monday 17th, July 2017.

The National Bulk Tanker Association’s (NBTA) annual Bulk Tanker Day will be held on 31 August at the Sydney Motorsport Park and focus on the ‘Science of Safety’.

According to NBTA Chairman, Justin Keast, the goal is to share lessons on how leading businesses in the field measure safety performance, and chose, implement measure the success of new technology.

“Tanker operations can lead to high consequence outcomes, and whilst maintenance has been a focus in recent times, it is time to look at other causal factors,” Keast said.

“The reasons [why many] incidents are not well recorded is because the sharing of lessons from these incidents is not occurring.

“It’s part of the reason for our call for a national approach to tanker safety, driven by data gathering and analysis, and then the development of a national tanker safety strategy.”

To create more transparency and make information more readily accessible, the NBTA has invited a wide range of speakers from NHVR, NTC, RMS NSW, EPA NSW, Fire and Rescue to share safety performance insights. 

“The NBTA will update its KPI index on incidents and there will be a discussion on fatigue and distraction as well as a presentation on a national tanker safety strategy,” Keast explained – pointing out there will once again be an emergency response exercise with Fire and Rescue NSW and the demonstration of dealing with a range of products in an emergency scene.  

There will also be also numerous displays on tanker equipment and components again.

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