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Candace Kinser joins EROAD board

  • Posted on Wednesday 14th, May 2014.

NZTech CEO, Candace Kinser, has joined the board of transport technology and services company, EROAD.

Kinser, who succeeded in leading a technology start-up to go global several years ago, and who combines her oversight of industry organisation NZTech with a number of board roles, said one factor in her decision to accept the invitation was that EROAD exemplified New Zealand’s technology ‘sweet spot’.

“We have a way of taking a weird and different look at things, but the results are incredibly creative,” she says. “We connect the dots differently in a way that no one else can.”

Also appealing was the role geospatial technology plays in the company’s services and her own close interest in this field.

“As well as knowing and respecting the business enormously, it’s deeply involved in a particular field that I’m very interested in,” she says.

Ms Kinser is a member of the Government Geospatial Executive Group.

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