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Centurion fosters safety culture

  • Posted on Tuesday 11th, June 2019.

Transport and logistics operator, Centurion, has announced the appointment of two Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) professionals.

Trent Savage has been named as Executive General Manager of HSEQ and Terry Nichols has joined Centurion as General Manager of HSEQ.

Savage said he is eager to continue building the safety culture at Centurion and introduce new technologies.

"The team will be working hard to integrate the new Online Safety Management System – reducing manual processes and paperwork – resulting in better data, shorter workflows and more time for ‘real’ face-to-face safety," he said.

Savage has over 10 years of experience working for some of Australia's biggest companies as a HSEQ professional. His speciality is emergency management, heavy industry and logistics, according to Centurion.

Nichols is reported to bring 16 years of experience in operational and functional roles within client, contracting and consultant appointments.

He will work with Savage to oversee the delivery of effective solutions based on taking a risk-based, fit-for-purpose and cost-effective approach to cultural and safety performance change.

"In most cases people do not make mistakes because they consciously intended to do so," said Nichols. "We should challenge ourselves to become more awake to understanding why most of the time things go right. Of course we still need to understand what happened when something goes wrong, but I challenge people to understand why it goes right more often than not.”

Last month, Centurion sent its 100th module to Rio Tinto in Western Australia as part of an ongoing contract.

(Images top to bottom: Centurion Executive General Manager of HSEQ, Trent Save and Centurion General Manager of HSEQ, Terry Nichols.)

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