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Coles Online adds new Carrier refrigeration unit to rigid truck fleet

  • Posted on Tuesday 22nd, July 2014.

Coles Online has taken delivery of the new Carrier Pulsor 500 refrigeration unit, which has been fitted across its rigid truck fleet.

According to Coles, controlling the temperature in transit from supermarket to home is integral to maintaining product quality and ensuring it is safe to consume.

“We were able to overcome this challenge for Coles Online by providing them with the revolutionary Pulsor 500. Benefiting from the E-Drive technology associated with an inverter and hermetic variable compressor, Pulsor ensures constant cold throughout the day,” said Kelly Geddes, Marketing Manager at Carrier Transicold, revealing that behind the new Pulsor range is Carrier’s new E-Drive technology. Removing the mechanical transmissions found in belt-driven systems, E-Drive transforms engine power into electricity.

According to Geddes, high capacity at low engine speed together with quick pull-down enable the user to recover temperature during all conditions – even in traffic jams, at stops, or through multiple-door openings.

The E-Drive technology also allows for a significant reduction in fittings and hose length. By reducing refrigerant leaks and improving refrigerant containment, it can therefore help reduce CO2 emissions by 75 per cent per year.

“Coles Online delivers right across Australia. As well as needing a versatile vehicle that could adapt to conditions from Albury to Alice Springs, it was crucial for the company to find a service network that travelled as far afield as its trucks would,” said David Smith, National Fleet Manager for Coles Online.

Carrier has locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and authorised dealers in Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. On top of that, they have a network of associated service centres, which made it an easy option for Coles, according to Smith.

“When we looked around at what was available, we thought Carrier had the best after sales support,” he said. “The Carrier network is so extensive that within a short time they can have someone sent out to most of our locations in Australia.”

Although this service standard set Carrier apart from its competitors, it was the Pulsor’s performance at the SuperCool Asia Pacific testing facility in Queensland that cemented the deal for Coles. A rigid body truck with the Carrier Pulsor 500 unit was monitored inside a 40°C booth for four days to see how well it stood up in extreme conditions.

“The fridge plant came out with flying colours,” said Smith. “It was more than capable in the heat, despite continuously running for 72 hours under challenging conditions. It was this performance that helped is make an informed decision.”

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