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Daysworth launches new terminal tractors

  • Posted on Wednesday 5th, June 2013.

Daysworth International has launched two new terminal tractors, the Ottawa 60T 6x4 multi-purpose model and a Kalmar TR618i 4x4 RoRo industrial tractor at the recently concluded Brisbane Truck Show.

Powered by Cummins’ ISB 300 HP Euro 5 engine, the new Ottawa 60T is fully ADR (Australian Design Rules) certified for highway use. “With increasing customer demand for heavy-duty terminal tractors approved for highway use, Daysworth has invested in a programme of rigorous testing and certification to meet the ADR standard for road-legal terminal tractors,” said Ivan Vodanovich, Managing Director of Daysworth.

According to Vodanovich, “the simple, ergonomically designed cab of the Daysworth Ottawa 60T puts precise control at the operator’s fingertips” and helps maximise operational efficiency and productivity.

Meanwhile, the Kalmar TR618i 4x4 RoRo can boast an ‘Intelligent Driver Support’ system. According to Daysworth, the TR618i’s rear door provides excellent access to the trailer couplings, while the driver’s rotating seat ensures that operation in reverse is made easier. The Kalmar TR618i also has new, more powerful engines and the obligatory CAN-BUS electronic system, which integrates all functions in one system and shows all operational and service data on one display.

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