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Designs released for Melbourne’s North East Link

  • Posted on Tuesday 24th, April 2018.

Designs have been released for Melbourne’s North East Link project to residents in the city’s north east.

Land bridges, express lanes and new ramp signals were included in the design, along with information on how it will connect local roads to North East Link through new interchanges and where lanes and land bridges will be added.

The interchanges have been designed to limit the impacts on residential areas, parks and community facilities.

The North East Link Authority has been working with communities and businesses since the route was announced in November 2017.

Work has focused on how to get trucks off streets, reduce travel times and minimise the impact on residents and the environment.

The plans will continue being developed based on feedback from the community and further environmental and engineering studies.

$110 million has been invested to fast track the project in the 2018/19 state budget, with a full reference design to be released later this year.

Up to 30 minutes of travel time is estimated to be reduced for motorists travelling north and south, with a faster trip to the airport from Melbourne’s east.

State Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, said the designs show the government’s commitment to protecting homes, businesses and the environment.”

“The North East Link has been designed to reduce the need for acquisitions and protect environmentally sensitive areas,” he said.

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