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Federal Budget allocates $2.6M to ARRB

  • Posted on Monday 8th, April 2019.

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) is due to receive a Federal Budget allocation of $2.6 million to assist local governments to assess road asset management and maintenance requirements with a focus on regional areas.

ARRB was allocated these funds as part of the 2019-20 Federal Budget. The organisation aims to formulate a new suite of technical manuals for the benefit of all local governments.

ARRB explained in a statement that new manuals will provide the latest world thinking and technologies in the use of next generation materials, sealed and unsealed roads and structures. Current ARRB guides will be rewritten to incorporate next generation thinking and advanced communication delivery outcomes for all local governments across Australia.

This funding will also allow ARRB to acquire next generation devices to assess in-situ the ageing status of seals for rural regional Australia to better predict performance and optimise maintenance strategies to ensure a focus on informed, predictive maintenance.

ARRB said it is set to pioneer portable measurement systems that potentially deliver the step change in field-based asset management.

“The Portable Infrared spectrometer is a highly advanced system that allows for the spectral analysis of bituminous materials,” said ARRB. “This system allows for the rapid spectral analysis of a drop of material.”

In January, ARRB partnered with NSW Roads and Maritime Services to bring an intelligent surface assessment vehicle to New South Wales.

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