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Followmont grows fleet

  • Posted on Thursday 13th, July 2017.

Queensland-based Followmont Transport has added six new B-double sets to its 800-vehicle strong fleet.

According to Operations Assistant, Ben Tobin, the new trailer combinations are a mix of 36-pallet Performance Based Standards (PBS) approved Vawdrey curtain-siders, a 34-pallet drop deck Barker trailer and several Fibreglass Transport Equipment (FTE) 34-pallet refrigerated vans.

Followmont Managing Director, Mark Tobin, said the new trailers were purchased in order to meet new demand. "We're always looking for what's new in the market and investigating ways to improve asset utilisation across the fleet," Tobin said.

The trailers all feature equipment from JOST Australia, including Lubetronic JSK 37CW greaseless fifth wheels and Modul landing legs, which have been standard on the Followmont fleet spec since its inception 35 years ago.

"JOST equipment has always been a high quality, low maintenance product, but building a good product is one thing. In my business, a focus on service and hands- on relationships are crucial," Tobin said.

"Although the business has grown and changed since its early days, it is still built on the same five values: service, passion, unity, innovation and integrity.

"We've had clients with us since day one and it's because of our service attitude. We deliver thousands of consignments every night, in full, on time with 98 per cent compliance. If we don’t meet that, then I am quick to fix the problem because a business takes years to build but only seconds to destroy with bad service."

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