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Fonterra shares sustainability update

  • Posted on Thursday 29th, November 2018.

Dairy co-operative, Fonterra, has shared its second annual sustainability report, outlining its progress towards its environmental, social and economic goals.

Fonterra CEO, Miles Hurrell, said the report is one of the ways Fonterra is showing where it’s at and where it needs to get to in sustainability.

“There are areas where we’re leading our industry thanks to the hard work of our farmers, people and partners. But there are also areas where we’ve tried and haven’t hit the mark yet, and the report doesn’t shy away from that,” said Hurrell.

“We have considerable scale and with that comes the opportunity, and the responsibility, to influence for good. That’s exactly what we’re working to do, by producing dairy in a way that cares for people, animals and the land, and brings long-term value to our communities,” he said.

New Zealand farmers lead the world in many aspects of sustainable dairying, according to Fonterra, with high productivity, year-round pasture grazing and lower use of supplementary feeds. However, the scale of the industry in New Zealand means that dairy’s environmental footprint is of national significance.

“Our farmers have led the way with excluding cows from waterways but other areas are going to take longer, like lowering greenhouse gas emissions both on farm and in manufacturing,” said Fonterra Director of Sustainability, Carolyn Mortland.

“Our ambition is to make the best nutrition in a way that regenerates our farms, our country and the world. The challenges associated with this are significant, but we’re committed to making a difference,” she said.

Fonterra recently appointed an independent Sustainability Advisory Panel, chaired by Sir Rob Fenwick, to help with this ambition.

Sustainability Report 2018 was prepared using the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and has been independently assured, and is organised into three pillars of Fonterra’s framework: Nutrition, Environment and Community.

In August, Hurrel (pictured) was announced as interim Chief Executive.

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