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Former Toll Manager and Cohesio Group launch new supply chain consultancy

  • Posted on Thursday 2nd, August 2018.

Supply chain and solutions expert Arthur Dardoumbas is joining forces with Cohesio Group to launch Cohesio 360º – Supply Chain Consulting.

The former Toll General Manager is bringing his extensive experience in the industry to head up a bespoke consultancy offering a fully integrated suite of services across supply chain strategy, intralogistics solutions and project services.

“We evaluate every link in our customers’ chain from global network design, to assessing options for the internal operational solution, determining the appropriate technology, identifying the property requirements and modelling the commercial and operational scenarios to ensure a successful outcome – we leave no stone unturned,” said Arthur Dardoumbas.

With today’s supply chains global, increasingly complex, and online, Dardoumbas says companies will be left behind if they don’t pick up the pace and automate.

“Australia’s logistics industry has one of the highest labour and property costs in the world," said Dardoumbas. "We simply won’t be able to remain competitive if we don’t review how we can use our labour and footprint more productively and effectively."

Cohesio Group CEO, Nishan Wijemanne, agrees the team at Cohesio 360º – Supply Chain Consulting will design and model manual, semi-automated and fully automated warehouse solutions and, in collaboration with customers, determine the exact combination of manual and automated processes to maximise and expand capability and capacity.

“We won’t be using a one-size-fits-all approach," he said. "Our customers’ needs will all be different and we’ll dedicate our time to learning the specific intricacies and idiosyncrasies of your business."

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