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Government to change road vehicle standards

  • Posted on Thursday 4th, January 2018.

The National Road Transport Association (NatRoad) said the Australian Government has released legislation drafts that will change the laws governing road vehicle standards.

The Bills will give the responsible Minister strong powers to mandate the recall of vehicles if serious safety issues arise, according to NatRoad.

The powers will reportedly apply to all road vehicles supplied in Australia, whether for private or commercial use. The current Motor Vehicle Standards Act, 2009 (MVSA) will be replaced by at least five separate pieces of legislation.

“The MVSA is a complex piece of legislation that serves an important community safety function by setting national uniform vehicle standards for vehicles entering the market, including heavy vehicles,” NatRoad said in a statement. “The most fundamental reform is the proposed replacement of physical compliance plates to denote a vehicle’s suitability for supply in this country. Instead of compliance plates, conforming vehicles will be listed on an online, publicly available database to be known as the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV). Other changes are still being studied.”

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