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Hella presents new LED driving light

  • Posted on Thursday 23rd, February 2012.

Hella Australia has announced the release of its most technically advanced lighting product yet - the Hella Luminator LED Series driving light.“LED technology has been a hot topic for years, as it has been used for signalling front and rear, but not so much as a lighting source,” says Tomas Plessinger, Hella Marketing Communications Manager.

“This type of LED lamp we’ve made available to most of the premium car manufacturers today such as Audi and BMW. What Hella has been able to do now is simply make it more relevant for commercial transport drivers by having the LED power the front lamps, hence why it is a first for us.”

Each light features a triple high-boost reflector and state of the art LED technology to ensure that this highly effective, yet low current drawing auxiliary lamp delivers extremely powerful output and a long service life.

At the heart of the Hella’s driving light are three high powered, high performance LED’s which are housed behind an impact resistant, hard coated polycarbonate lens. Add to this design a triple high boost free form reflector, in-built LED position light and the weatherproof die cast aluminium housing and bracket, and you have a heavy duty LED auxiliary driving light that can withstand all detractors in its path.

Each LED light also features Hella’s Multivolt adaptability, enabling it to be operated on everything from 9V to 34V systems. In terms of current draw, each HELLA Luminator LED auxiliary light uses a mere one Watt as a position light and just 30W as a driving light that will illuminate up to 540 metres in distance.

“The biggest feature of this lens from a light distribution perspective is that it’s very evenly spread,” Tomas says. “So if you are sitting in your vehicle, you will be able to see clearly 180 degrees left and right.”

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