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Hiab updates loader crane portfolio

  • Posted on Wednesday 16th, May 2018.

Materials handling equipment specialist, Hiab, has renewed its light range loader cranes with a capacity from four to 11 tonne metres, combining strength and reliability with ease of use.

According to Hiab, there are four options with remote and manual control systems to ensure that the vehicle operator can choose between the systems that meet specifically the level of precision needed when operating a crane.

"When we started the development of this Hiab loader crane series, we wanted to ensure that the renewed equipment will make work easier for the operators, keep it safe and increase efficiency, as we have learned that these are our customers' priorities when choosing a loader crane,” said Hiab Director – Light Range Loader Cranes, Jan Vink. “The unique X-4 SPACE system on the light range loader cranes enables the operator to handle the crane with the greatest ease and with higher load cycling speeds.”

As the Hiab light cranes are reportedly made with durable high-tensile steel, they combine low weight with the capacity to deliver heavy loads. Also, an external display gives a better overview of the active crane and service status. Depending on the choice of control system, a range of features are available for improving capacity, durability, flexibility, as well as safety. These features include Semi-Automatic Folding system, Load Stability System and remote control systems.

"To avoid unnecessary downtime in our end customers' operations, Hiab light cranes are designed for easier everyday maintenance,” said Fink.

“Key parts and components that require regular attention are located where they are easy to access. A good example is the integrated oil tank in the crane base, which can be installed without rearranging truck components and is quicker and simpler to reach.

“Also, these new models can be configured with various options, to enable easy mounting on the truck chassis. The whole installation is designed for the lowest possible overall weight.”

The light range loader cranes come with a two-year warranty as well as a five-year warranty for the steel structure, as with other Hiab loader cranes.

"At Hiab, we set the standards for the loader crane industry,” said Hiab Senior Vice President – Loader Cranes, Joakim Andersson. “We want to be the number one loader cranes brand and partner to our customers, offering the best solutions on the market. Over the past two years we have renewed successfully both our medium-range cranes and now light range cranes. The positive feedback from our customers ensures that we are on the right path with our development work.”

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