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Hobart road infrastructure planning welcomed by ALC

  • Posted on Thursday 21st, March 2019.

The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has praised the decision by the Tasmanian Government to bring forward its investigation into alternative traffic routes through Hobart.

The decision demonstrates, according to Kirk Coningham ALC CEO, the importance of forward-planning to ensure transport infrastructure keeps pace with population growth.

“Traffic congestion delays the movement of freight as well as people - and those delays ultimately mean higher consumer prices and slower delivery times,” he said.

“Investing $1 million to investigate options for alleviating road congestion around Hobart – including bypass roads and tunnels – is a prudent step that will help ensure Tasmania’s freight transport infrastructure keeps pace with growing demand,” said Coningham.

“It builds on the investment made by the Tasmanian and Federal governments to construct a modern Bridgewater Bridge that will improve the efficiency and safety of freight movement to and from key ports in Tasmania’s north and Hobart.”

Coningham said Tasmania, as an island state, faces a unique set of freight logistics challenges.

"Improving the efficiency and safety of its supply chains is essential to continue building on the state’s strong economic performance over recent years,” he said.

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