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Holmwood Highgate unveils new B-double design

  • Posted on Friday 28th, October 2016.

Wodonga-based transport company, Ron Finemore Transport (RFT), has taken delivery of eight 24.5m B-double tankers from Holmwood Highgate, the first time the brand new tanker concept has been seen in Australia.

The never-before seen combination is the latest innovation in the long partnership between the two businesses, which spans over four decades.

“There was a number of customer locations that are along 25m B-double routes, but the site access was forcing us to use 19m B-doubles due to the manoeuvrability constraints,” said Laurie Brothers, Ron Finemore Transport Group Fleet Manager.

According to Brothers, RFT requested for a new concept integrating a forward controlled prime mover that would allow it to maximise the allowable capacity on the 25m B-double route, but with a similar swept path to a 19m B-double.

The final result was a combination that is longer and larger than a standard B-double combination, boasting a 20 per cent payload increase. However, the Holmwood 24.5m tankers don't fall under the Performance-Based Standards (PBS) scheme, nor do they require any additional road access permits.

The full story on Holmwood Highgate’s game-changing design will appear in the upcoming edition of Trailer – book your copy now.

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