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Improving bottom line through technology-backed government reforms

  • Posted on Thursday 1st, March 2012.

Transport Certification Australia Limited (TCA) has led a session on the role of technology in trucking at the Livestock and Bulk Carriers Association's (LBCA) 2012 Annual Conference in Dubbo.

TCA CEO, Chris Koniditsiotis, described the session as an opportunity to engage in a genuine dialogue on how technology and telematics can assist the transport supply chain.

"Technological developments, in any facet of life, should be seen as an opportunity rather than a threat", Koniditsiotis pointed out during his presentation where he cited international statistics indicating the use of telematics increasing operational efficiency by at least 10 per cent while also stressing that, "telematics also provide a new way for the transport industry and governments to do business."

"Transport operators are being given genuine opportunities to improve their bottom line through technology-backed government reforms," Koniditsiotis added. “While the statistics announced by the NSW Minister for Roads and Ports are most positive, I’m conscious that there remain physical infrastructure constraints that can limit end-to-end access for higher productivity vehicles. The effective use of technology provides a negotiating platform for transport operators.”

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