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It’s as easy as ABC: JOST – 2019 BTS Preview

  • Posted on Wednesday 15th, May 2019.

JOST Australia understands that time off the road for a fleet is often costly – and can put the pressure on operations and workshop personnel – which is why the equipment specialist works with ABC Transport to keep efficiency at its peak.

If you travel the Stuart Highway between Port Augusta and Darwin – a distance of some 2,700 kilometres – you will rarely see a curvy corner or a township, but you will see striking landscapes. From the arid desert in the south, to the breathtaking expanse of the red centre, to the tropical top-end, the land is as diverse as it is severe. Traversing this terrain on a constant daily basis is an ABC Transport triple road train.

This is one of the reasons ABC specifies JOST components in its trailer builds among others is the reliability and performance under these conditions. 

ABC run both temperature-controlled fresh fruit and vegetables and general freight into the Territory with multiple trucks arriving daily.

ABC finds value in the quality staff and service training JOST has provided delivering the best understanding, safe and simple operation of the equipment.

ABC Transport is a Northern Territory family owned, registered business, and has been operating out of Alice Springs since 1998. At its peak, ABC Transport was supplying food to 25 remote and indigenous communities each week throughout the Northern Territory far north South Australia and central Western Australia.

Due to an expansion and a directional change of the company in 2006, ABC saw a move to Adelaide. This has resulted in excess of 110 employees and head office based in Adelaide.

ABC business has diversified over the years to also offer warehousing as an integrated part of our service. It continues to grow and develop its offering in response to ever-increasing demand. ABC is adamant that its sustainable growth and success is due to its experience and depth of understanding of our industry.

ABC work in a niche market, ensuring it provides a strong focused transport solution into regional Australia. ABC predominately work teams of two – most of these trucks will only stop for a driver change including a quick check over the equipment and freight, plus required fuel intake these trucks are averaging 95km for the 3000km trip.

ABC’s motto of ‘we only promise what we can deliver’ is bolstered by its reliance on suppliers such as JOST Australia.

ABC made the decision to invest in JOST alloy wheels in early 2017 on any new trailers ordered. To date, these wheels have nearly done three quarters of a million kilometres without an issue. This decision was made to complement the current JOST products already fitted in the ABC fleet. ABC specify JOST alloy wheels on all new trailer fitments since the decision in 2017, adding that finishing touch to the trailers.

JOST premium quality products such as alloy wheels and MODUL legs are instrumental in ABC success in providing on time services to the Northern Territory and beyond in extreme conditions of the Australian outback on a daily basis. With the MODUL high gear ratio managing the fleet in the harsh outback conditions is made light work.

ABC also use the tried and tested JSK 37 CZ road train rated fifth wheel on their dollies and trailers, the reliability of the JSK 37 CZ comes to the fore delivering uncompromising service and durability in all conditions.
There will be an ABC road train trailer fitted with JOST premium products on the Vawdrey stand (stand 126, foyer) at the Brisbane Truck Show.

JOST will exhibit at stand 78, foyer.

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