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ITS Australia releases Smart Transport report

  • Posted on Wednesday 1st, March 2017.

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Australia has published a report into smart transport, reviewing the country’s smart transport technology industry and identifying future opportunities for safer, more efficient and sustainable transport.

The Report leverages off last year’s ITS World Congress in Melbourne, attended by more than 11,500 delegates from 73 countries and opened opportunities for companies in Britain to gain business through direct contracts or partnerships in Australia.

Smart Transport for Australia provides examples of local and international initiatives and identifies seven key areas for opportunity, with a focus on Australian considerations, including Pathways to Connected Autonomy; Mobility for Smart Cities and Communities; Next Generation Public Transport and Mobility as a Service; Big Data, Analytics, Ownership and Access; Future Freight; Transport Pricing and Funding; and Frameworks for Success.

“We are in a unique position to harness technology to enhance the liveability of our cities and communities,” said Brian Negus, ITS President. “Australia is a global leader in transport technology and an early adopter of innovation and initiatives. Utilising technology and real time data, in a shared and open environment, provides an opportunity to improve safety, reduce congestion and pollution on our networks, and increase mobility,”

ITS Australia, CEO, Susan Harris said Congress presenters and Report contributors provided a rich source of information, and assisted with the identification of future areas of opportunity.

“The benefits for Australia are clearly recognised with nearly every Australian state currently trialling a connected and automated vehicle initiative, including highly automated vehicles and driverless shuttle buses providing last mile solutions.

“Mobility as a Service, Big Data, the Internet of Things, national harmonisation of legislation and future funding models are among the myriad ideas being pursued to improve connectivity and mobility for freight, public and private transport users.”

The ITS Australia Report was produced by Fivenines Consulting, sourcing information from Congress presentations and papers, and interaction with the ITS Australia Board.

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