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Jost Australia strengthens national management

  • Posted on Thursday 15th, May 2014.

Less than half a year after Jost Australia opened a new branch in Adelaide, the company has set the course for a buoyant future with the appointment of Corey Povey as General Manager.

According to Managing Director, Ed Crowther, Mr Povey will help the brand stay focused on the expansion course it embarked on last year. Now boasting a dedicated wheel division as well as a strong hydraulics department, Jost is on track to become a true ‘one-stop-shop’ servicing Australia’s diverse commercial road transport industry. “There is a lot of movement in the market at the moment and Jost Australia is ideally placed to capitalise on it, so I am truly excited about the future,” Mr Povey said.

The promotion also coincides with Corey Povey’s 20th work anniversary. “When I joined the Jost Australia team as sales co-ordinator in 1994, I was the second man on the ground in Melbourne and one of ten in total,” Mr Povey said.

“Today, Jost is a national powerhouse with some 50 staff, and I am very proud to have had the privilege to be part of that growth process.” He added, “As General Manager, it is my mission to continue that story of success and firmly established Jost as a premium transport equipment brand in Australia.”

In addition to Mr Povey advancing to a leadership role, Paul Roche (pictured right) joined the Jost team as National Accounts Manager, effectively following in the footprints of Mr Povey. “Paul’s role will have a strong trailer building focus,” Ed Crowther said. “Australia’s trailer manufacturing industry is at the forefront of modern vehicle design and globally renowned for its ingenuity, and Jost Australia is here to help it do what it does best – innovate.”

The success of the Performance Based Standards scheme, for instance, has not only cemented Australia’s reputation as the trucking world’s innovation engine, but also caused a rise in demand for specialised hydraulics equipment.

Mr Crowther commented, “At Jost, we want to be part of that amazing journey Australia has embarked on when PBS first appeared, and with Paul, we have a very experienced man who will be able to actively support industry in making the most out of every build – be it by using advanced hydraulics or our new range of high-tech fifth wheels.”

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