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Jost presents three new landing legs

  • Posted on Tuesday 21st, February 2012.

Jost Australia continues to offer a complete choice of landing legs that may be the most innovative range available in Australia. It now adds to that collection by offering three new model varieties to suit all applications and budgets – the D200, A400 and MODULE series.

According to Jost, price-conscious users may look at the D200 series produced by one of Jost’s company-owned affiliates in China. Available in air suspension and sand shoe models, the D200 leg can boast a compact design featuring a 480 mm lift complete with a vertical gearbox. The lifting capacity is 24 tonnes, while static load is 50 tonnes.

If that isn’t enough, Jost’s clientele can now upgrade to the A400 series, where the legs are sourced from the Jost USA factory. Available in cushion foot, sand shoe, wheels, air suspension and compensating varieties, the A400 can offer 14 inch, 17 inch and 19 inch travel options – all also available in inside mount models.

With a lifting capacity of 25 tonnes and a static load capacity of 80 tonnes, the A400 will continue to outperform most comparable models while saving kilos along the way, according to Jost. It is equipped with the original internal gearbox that has long been popular with both trailer manufacturers and end users selling over thousands of units each year.

“Finally, there is a state-of-the-art Modul Landing Legs sourced from our German facility,” says Jost Australia’s Ed Crowther. “It is considered the Rolls Royce of landing legs and is available in compensating foot, air suspension foot, wheels and sand shoe varieties; in travel options of 520mm, 470mm and 400mm as well as inside mount options. It is used by Australia’s most influential trailer builders, such as Vawdey and Barker.”
Unlike other manufacturers, Jost include all landing leg hardware, such as handles and cross shafts, in the overall weight calculations, says Ed, who places a great deal of emphasis on after sales service and back-up.

“In addition to that, we are the exclusive Australian distributors for the Razor range products – including the much-talked about landing leg drive system, which is available for all Jost landing legs.”

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