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Krueger to launch dry freight offering

  • Posted on Thursday 28th, November 2019.

Victorian trailer builder, Krueger Transport Equipment, will unveil its latest product development in the new year, the Krueger dry freight van.

The initial dry freight van range, according to company patriarch, John Krueger, will comprise straight bodies – 34-pallet B-doubles (12-pallet roll-back ‘A’ / 22-pallet ‘B’), 36-pallet B-double (14-pallet roll-back ‘A’ / 22-pallet ‘B’), 24-pallet van trailer, 26-pallet van trailer as well as road train combinations (22-pallet vans and tandem dolly) and Performance-Based Standards (PBS) configurations (A-doubles).

“The new dry freight van range will have the quality, dependability and durability synonymous with the Krueger name,” said Krueger. “The range will obviously be reviewed regularly to ensure it meets market requirements and new models will be introduced as required.”

To best serve the needs of Australia’s diverse freight tasks, Krueger Transport Equipment is set to offer a variety of dry freight van suspension configurations for metropolitan, highway and off highway use.

“We will also offer a high-performance suspension and axle package,” said Krueger. “From 9,000kg suspension per axle for highway to 12,000kg heavy-duty for WA conditions; rear-mounted shock absorbers for disc brakes; shock absorber catch straps; and axle lift options.”

For more than two decades, Krueger Transport Equipment has continuously developed the company-owned Road Friendly Suspension (RFS). This gear is optimised for low tare weight and improved equipment longevity, which John says is ideal for truck-trailer combinations operating under some of Australia’s harsher roads and weather conditions.

The dry freight vans that Krueger manufacture can also be customised for dedicated freight tasks.

“Dry freight vans built for food distribution purposes, for example, come with options for heavy-duty full-length flooring and a reinforced threshold plate to accommodate forklift and pallet trolley loading,” said Krueger. “Extras include options for roller or hinged doors, tail gates and more.”

As for providing consistent quality workmanship, Krueger Transport Equipment is reliant on high-tech equipment and specifies the best Australian-made high tensile steel to manufacture trailer chassis.

“Our computer-controlled steel cutting equipment, our auto main rail welding machine and our rotary jigs ensure we deliver perfect welds for maximum durability every time,” Krueger said.

Krueger is certain that the dry freight van will live up to the exacting standards of the Krueger name and provide freight operators with peace of mind knowing their trailers will perform for many years to come.

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