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Linfox supplies customers real-time freight arrival information

  • Posted on Thursday 29th, November 2018.

Linfox has introduced new technology into its network to give customers real-time freight arrival information and meet their unloading and delivery requirements.

‘Smart Fox’ was developed by Linfox in collaboration with Industrie & Co, MTData, Amazon Web Services and Google.

Linfox said the development of Smart Fox highlights the value the company places on partnering with leaders in technology and innovation.

“Through these engagements, we can tackle challenges and develop solutions that help us better deliver for customers,” said Linfox Manager In-Field Technology & Tools, Nik West.

“By exploring a challenge and bringing together insights and available technologies, we can create new systems that enhance the customer’s experience.

“Collecting more data through these systems can help us improve algorithms and enhance the visibility of parts of the network which are key to innovation. This will help accelerate machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities across a new range of Linfox applications,” said West.

The system uses live GPS location information and Google traffic data to predict truck arrival times and provide early notice of possible delays across the network.

Truck routes and on time status are visualised through Google Maps. This information, according to Linfox, can help its customers prepare for unloading or can inform the Linfox Transport Office if a redirect is required.

Data from every journey is collected through MTData in-cab technology, which is installed in 75 per cent of Linfox trucks in Australia.

This technology records the accuracy of estimated arrival times and collects data on route changes once the truck has left a depot, enabling continued learning and improvement of the system.

In other news, Linfox, and its industry partners, are working to accelerate uptake of electric vehicle technology in Australia’s road transport sector.

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