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Mainfreight celebrates 40 years

  • Posted on Monday 5th, March 2018.

Transport and logistics company, Mainfreight, is celebrating 40 years in business, following the development of its regional network in Australia.

On March 6th 2018 we will celebrate 40 years in business. This is when we take the time to thank our team who have been working hard and continue to work hard in order for us to each our 100 year vision.

“Our success is directly attributed to the hard work of each of our current 7,534 team members and all the team members that have come before them,” Mainfreight said in a statement.

“From our humble beginning in Auckland, New Zealand, with just one man and one truck, the last 40 years has seen Mainfreight develop into a global supply chain company. In creating a 100-year company, our focus goes far beyond this year, next year or any single region or division. Our 100 year vision drives every decision we make, this is not about reaching an end-point. It’s a mindset that every day and every deed is about growing a strong, iconic, enduring business. Every decision takes us towards the company we want to be 100 years in the future.

“As we celebrate our first 40 years, we are clearer than ever about where to focus our energies and are excited about where we are headed. 40 years down, at least another 100 to go.”

In January, Mainfreight moved its operations to a brand new depot in Taupo, New Zealand, offering triple the footprint over its previous location.

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