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MaxiTRANS unveils new mezzanine decks

  • Posted on Monday 8th, January 2018.

Trailer builder, MaxiTRANS, has released a new mezzanine deck system, SafeADJUST, reportedly boosting safety and productivity over traditional systems that require manual operation.

“Simple and fast to operate, SafeADJUST helps operators to better meet site work health and safety requirements,” MaxiTRANS said in a statement.

“Using a conventional forklift, the mezzanine deck can be moved into the desired position ready for loading without the need for any person to ever exit the forklift or approach the trailer.”

MaxiTRANS General Manager – Products and Markets, Kevin Manfield, said that the release of SafeADJUST reinforces MaxiTRANS’ commitment to safe trailer design.

“SafeADJUST is adjusted from the safety of a forklift, eliminating the need to manually remove and replace saddles when altering the deck height and keeping people well clear of safety exclusion zones,” said Manfield, adding that productivity in adjusting and loading the trailer is also significantly improved by removing the need to manually adjust saddles.

SafeADJUST is reportedly secured to the trailer as a permanent component, eliminating the chance of it falling from the trailer during manoeuvring or transit. Also, SafeADJUST can only be unlocked by raising the deck to the unlocking point located on each mezzanine post, reducing the chance of it falling unexpectedly.

“An innovative mechanical locking feature senses deck movement and controls the lock engagement automatically,” said Manfield. “Lock indicators are installed on all four corners of the deck, allowing the operator to see when the locks are engaged and it is safe to retract the forklift.”

MaxiTRANS has stated that SafeADJUST does not occupy any additional space compared to its standard mezzanine deck, providing the best possible aperture and ensuring no loss of load area. The deck also sits flush with the trailer floor when completely lowered, maximizing internal height dimensions.

“As an added benefit, SafeADJUST has been designed without the use of complicated parts or mechanisms, improving reliability and serviceability,” said Manfield.

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