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Moreland invests in PBS road train from Kennedy Trailers

  • Posted on Friday 27th, April 2018.

South Australian logging transport company, Moreland Holdings, has taken delivery of a Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved A-double road train combination from Kennedy Trailers.

While other trailers in the 33-strong fleet are capable of carrying up to 45 tonnes, the newest addition to the business will be able to carry 62 tonnes.

“It’s almost a third in extra payload – the same sort of benefit that was achieved by being able to go from a single to a double trailer years ago,” said Transport Manager, Kelvin Moreland. “In terms of manoeuvrability, it has the same tracking as a 26-metre B-double, despite the extra four metres in length. It turns so beautifully.”

Kennedy Trailers has provided eight B-double trailers to Moreland Holdings, but this is the first A-Double logging trailer to be built by the East Gippsland based trailer manufacturer. In order to meet PBS criteria, it has also been manufactured so that the static rollover threshold is always maintained for added safety.

The A-Double has been fitted with EBS braking, which Moreland said has been a major step forward in safety and is particularly important with logging trailers, along with four onboard scales, automatic load binders, folding front guards to constrain the logs, work lights around the entire trailer, and a fifth wheel and Rockinger couplings from JOST.

Moreland Holdings has been using JOST fifth wheels for many years, but this is the first trailer in the fleet to be fitted with the company’s Rockinger couplings.

“We’ve used plenty of JOST’s fifth wheels,” said Moreland. “They are my preferred choice. They’re virtually bulletproof and we’ve never had an issue with them. The aftersales service has also been great. So when Kennedy Trailers recommended the Rockinger coupling for the new A-Double, we were really happy with the choice. Rockinger is what Kennedy Trailers uses and recommends.”

Kennedy Trailers has been a customer of JOST’s for over 15 years.

According to Garry Kennedy, Kennedy Trailers Managing Director, Rockinger is a really simple to operate coupling. “They’re very fail-safe. The ones used on this A-Double feature sensor technology so the driver can always monitor if the coupling is properly connected. It’s the first time we’ve included this technology on one of our trailers. Rockinger couplings are very well made and the automatic connection is really effective but there is always the risk of human error. Though uncommon, there is that really small risk that a trailer could come adrift if the operator hasn’t properly connected the coupling, and then all hell would break loose. The safety sensor adds an extra degree of safety.”

Moreland explained that he also sees the new sensor technology as a major advantage. “We want all of the safety features we can get on our trailers,” he said. “If a coupling is not connected correctly, this system will alert the driver immediately in the cab. If something comes loose or someone tampers with the coupling while the trailer is parked, the driver is alerted straight away. This is the first time we’ve implemented the sensor technology in our fleet but we are definitely looking to add it to other vehicles too.”

In addition to the safety sensor on the coupling, the JOST fifth wheel also incorporates an added safety feature, in the form of a connection monitor that is fitted on the dolly.

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