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New Macfield Wabash ArcticLite on display in Somerton

  • Posted on Monday 26th, March 2012.

Adelaide-based family company Macfield has recently signed an exclusive agreement with Wabash National in the US to import its acclaimed ArcticLite® reefer. At the 2012 ITTES in Melbourne, the family-owned company now launched the Australian version of the ArcticLite.

“Wabash is undeniably a world class trailer manufacturer, producing on average 4,500 ArcticLite reefers a year for the past decade”, says Allan Nuttall, Head of Macfield’s Trailer division. “That’s why we import the freezer bodies straight from the Wabash production line in Indiana where it’s been modified to meet our stringent design requirements, ensuring it’s fully ADR compliant,” Allan adds.

Macfield’s experienced staff at Kilburn then work to make it road ready. The most obvious steps are the inclusion of a subframe with tri-axle suspension and the landing legs. Of course, the system is flexible enough so customers have plenty of options when it comes to axles, suspension, brakes and the refrigeration unit itself.

At peak times, Macfield can have 40 trailers undercover, being assembled or repaired. “We can complete the final assembly of a reefer in around 100 hours, which is clearly more cost effective than building one from scratch,” Allan explains. “The customer benefits in lower rates.”

For the next two weeks, the two ITTES show trailers will now be on display at Select trucks (Mercedes-Benz), 30-38 Hume Highway, Somerton, for Victorian operators to view.

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