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New staff appointment at Krueger

  • Posted on Tuesday 14th, September 2010.

Mark Boon has been appointed as the Business Development Manager for Parts, Service and Repairs at Krueger Transport, officially joining the team on September 1.

Mark has spent many years in the commercial road transport industry, spending much of his career in the supply side of the industry.

Upon starting his new position, Mark commented, “I have dealt with various Krueger staff as well as the company’s founder John Krueger many times during my time in the transport industry and what has always been obvious to me as an outsider is that the staff at Krueger have always been very loyal to the brand, the products and services the business has had to offer. Krueger is an employer with many long term, dedicated staff members which is testament to the leadership and culture within the organisation.

“Krueger is not just a trailer manufacturer, there are many different attributes to the business – and Krueger definitely has a track record of being innovative in its trailer and component designs.”

Mark continued, “John doesn’t stand still for long and he has always been an assertive promoter of product development; and he is proud of the company’s successes. I like that outside of the box thinking and forward momentum. It’s all too easy ‘to be the same’ in the trailer manufacturing game, but that does not give you or your business a real point of difference, a reference that you can hang your hat on that identifies you and your products and your services, and a reason why customers should choose you over any other available option. It’s the incremental milestones made and the road less travelled that often identifies you. The need to be innovative and different is now more important than ever if we want to be here in the long run.”

Krueger has three company operations on the east coast with Parts and Service facilities available in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, and appointed dealers servicing South Australia and Western Australia. “Each Krueger facility is well positioned to support its customers – but we don’t have the luxury of standing still, we need to continue to fine tune the network to meet the needs of our customers for tomorrow. We have a number of ongoing service contracts with major fleets that we plan to expand upon. There are thousands of Krueger trailers running around the country with many more satisfied end users so we need to ensure that each and every one of them is able to maximise vehicle uptime with convenient access to service and genuine replacement parts so that together we can continue to prosper.”

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