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One trailer, many capabilities: Allroads Transport Engineers

  • Posted on Monday 2nd, December 2019.

Since introducing moving floor trailers into its range, Allroads Transport Engineers has continued to build on its design, resulting in a low tare weight solution that has been embraced across a broad range of industries.

Based in Albany, Western Australia, Allroads Transport Engineers has been manufacturing trailers for over 30 years and more recently expanded its portfolio to include moving floor trailers – providing an alternative solution to tippers.

Allroads ventured into the moving floor space five years ago, when Wilsons Logging came to the manufacturer in search of an option that would help streamline their transport task and enhance operator safety.

From this interaction, Allroads produced its first six moving floor trailers, which were also the first moving floors to be built in Western Australia. Its engineers designed a full length chassis to accommodate the moving floor technology and stand up to the rough terrain of Australia’s outback.

As word quickly spread, Allroads was inundated with orders for its moving floor trailers, requiring the manufacturer to rethink its business model to accommodate demand.
Now, there are over 80 Allroads moving floor trailers operating across Western Australia, hauling all manner of freight – including hay.

Recently, farmer and transport operator Ray Segwick was looking for a better way to transport his hay.

“I used to cart hay the traditional way, on the back of a flat top,” he said. But this meant a different type of trailer was required to for his other transport tasks such as hauling pallets and grain. “Once I purchased my Allroads moving floor, I was able to cart almost the same amount of hay, but could take another truck off the road, as now I can do the entire run myself because I can use the moving floor for the hay, pallets and grain. In fact, I’m getting an extra load a day, just from saving time from not having to tie my bales down. I simply load my hay in, walk it forward, shut the doors and take off, rather than having to throw straps over and tie them down over the load.”

Allroads moving floor trailers feature a lightweight but strong chassis design that allows for low tare weights, without sacrificing on strength and durability. “’We can accommodate our moving floors to suit any application. Their low tare weight ensures more payload, in a trailer that offers some massive safety benefits,” said Allroads Business Development Manager, Mitchell Spaanderman. “When it comes to solving our customer’s transport problems, Allroads takes a very personal approach, and where possible will travel across the state to meet them face to face. Our moving floors are so versatile and the floor profiles we now have available complement almost any job that gets thrown at them.”

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