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Palfinger reveals virtual reality crane operation

  • Posted on Thursday 16th, May 2019.

As part of the Gough Transport Solutions display at the Brisbane Truck Show, Palfinger is showcasing an exceptionally useful concept with the potential to effectively enable crane operator training without the risks associated with on-the-job instruction.

With the inclusion of a live streaming camera mounted on a hard-hat, the system can be used to give instructions to an operator in real time from an expert on the other side of the world.

After donning the 3D vision goggles and joystick-equipped control unit, the user is ‘teleported’ to a ‘jobsite’ on a bright, sunny day complete with trees with their leaves rustling gently in the breeze.

The operation of the crane is intuitive and the system allows the operator to change their viewing position on the building site to enable optimised crane function.

While still in the concept stage and being displayed at various industry events globally, the system has the potential to enable the training of crane operators for the job in much the same way as a flight simulator is used for aircraft pilot training.

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