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Premier Tarps specifies Razor

  • Posted on Friday 21st, June 2019.

Front-to-back tarp specialist, Premier Tarps, in Western Australia has been using the Razor power unit for more than a decade to bolster the OH&S of trucks and trailers.

Almost everything has changed – dramatically – in road transport over the last three to four decades. Tasks that were a regular part of every trip for truckies in the 1970s and ‘80s would be roundly shunned by many of their counterparts today.

Tarping a load on a flat-top trailer is a good example. In the era prior to curtain-sided trailers, any cargo that couldn’t be exposed to the elements had to be tarped, simple as that.

As a result, drivers became adept at lumping the bulky and weighty folded tarp up onto the load then unfurling it along the entire length of the trailer.

Then it was lashed to the rope rails using a skillful technique that stretched the tarp as tight as a drum on each end and side to ensure no flapping or moisture ingress while in transit.

Sadly, many injuries and some fatalities occurred as a result of falls from the tops of loads and countless back injuries and muscle strains were attributed to the efforts required in lifting the tarp’s deadweight and tensioning the ropes.

Clearly the advent of the curtain-side trailer was a Godsend that in one fell swoop put paid to many of the negative issues associated with general freight haulage.

However, the necessity of the tarp for bulk material cartage in tippers remains, which is where Razor with its power units for front-to-back tarp systems comes in.

As a mobile operation servicing greater Perth and surrounding districts, Premier Tarps has been fitting Razor units to operate its tarps for more than a decade.

According to company owner, Rob Clay, there are a number of features about the Razor power unit that sets it apart.

“Razor’s multi-volt operation (between nine and 30 volts) is a major benefit for customers who have both 12- and 24-volt prime movers in their fleets,” Rob says. “The system also automatically regulates the 24-volt output from a prime mover to charge the 12-volt battery that powers the Razor unit.”

Another benefit, Rob claims, is that the Razor product is easily programmable to suit specific operating parameters for different types of tarps. He cites the example of being able to vary the stop point of the motor to suit tarp materials with different stretchability.

Importantly, he says, Razor as a company is committed to continuous product improvement and has never failed to find a solution to any issue that has arisen.

“Razor stands behind its products and is always looking for ways to make them better,” Rob confirms.

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