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Redarc delivers thermal signature enhancement kit for the ADF

  • Posted on Saturday 13th, April 2019.

South Australia-based electronics company, Redarc, invests 15 per cent of its sales revenue into R&D and utilises industry partnerships to support innovations in the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) arsenal.

According to Redarc, the Royal Regiment Artillery (RAA) has progressively introduced new Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) into service for the past 10 years. The company explained that of these capabilities, the GIWS SMArt155 anti-armour modular artillery profectile uses complex infra-red and radar sensors to target operational armoured vehicles, while discounting previously destroyed or non-operational vehicles.

Until now, Redarc claims that no nation with SMArt155 in service has been able to fire them under and operational training environment due to its ability to establish realistic thermal vehicle signatures which required high voltage heat mats and large generators.

Redarc was tasked to enssure that guided weapon sensors were able to distinguish target vehicles as being operational without complex infrastructure or adding unneccesary hazards to the target area. The solution, Redarc said, was to minimise risk to the environment and those required to handle the equipment and be configurable to operate for a defined period of time

"Through relationships established via the Defence Teaming Centre, Redarc’s Defence Team was introduced to a start-up company called Intelli Particle, whose mission is to show the world the amazing properties of carbon and graphite materials," Redarc said in a statement.

"Through exploration conducted in Redarc’s in-house Test Centre, the combined team of Redarc and Intelli Particle identified that, with a very low power usage, a controlled thermal signature could be created that would be identifiable to weapon sensors.

"It was during this in-house testing and further development, along with collaboration with FormCut Pty Ltd to develop an environmentally friendly and efficient protective solution, that the final concept for RTSEK or the Redarc Thermal Signature Enhancement Kit was born."

Redarc confirms that the RTSEK solution has enabled the Australian Army to engage targets with SMArt155 munitions in operational training environments.

The Defence Account Manager for Redarc, Mike Hartas, was pleased with the results that the team in partnership with Army was able to deliver.

“The ability of Army to recognise that an Australian business was capable of providing such an advanced solution in such a short time speaks volumes of the growth local SMEs have undergone preparing to support the ADF," he said. "Being able to collaborate with other SME’s, and offer an innovative and value for money solution to the ADF allowed us to focus the team and we can’t wait to be able to see what is next for RTSEK.”

Earlier this month, Redarc was recognised for excellence in manufacturing.

(Image: Adam Balentyne from AGIS Downer, Mike Hartas from Redarc, Warrant Officer Class Two Joseph and Tampas and Lance Bombardier Thomas Lewis from 4th Regiment, Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery, with an artillery target at Shoalwater Bay training area during Exercise Chimera.)

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