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Redarc supports student growth

  • Posted on Monday 17th, December 2018.

South Australia-based electronics company, Redarc, has accepted 10 engineering students to participate in a 12-week work placement program.

The program commenced this month and has students placed in various areas of the business.

Redarc is also hosting an internship student funded through UniSA who will be at the business for the next six months. This year, Redarc has taken on board 15 students across all three South Australia universities.

This announcement follows a recent factory expansion, which will enable Redarc to expand its current workforce of almost 200 to 300 by 2024, with most of the new positions being filled by engineers, data scientists and algorithm specialists.

“The expansion is not only expected to add more jobs but inject economic growth to the local community”, said Redarc Managing Director, Anthony Kittel.

Redarc is heavily involved and committed in the community by nurturing and developing the skills of young people as they enter the workforce and provide many work experience opportunities in various areas of the business.

“Through our Vocational Work Experience Program, run annually, successful candidates will gain hands-on experience and be exposed to real-life projects, whilst being rotated through the various departments of the organisation, including Production, Testing and R&D areas of the company,” Redarc said in a statement.

Redarc also reportedly offers a structured learning and development scheme through the REDARC Industrial Experience Program. It is designed to enable students the opportunity to enhance their technical, business and people skills.

“By investing in our people and creating a highly skilled workforce we continue to be the innovators and leaders that we are known for,” said Kittel.

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