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Safe Work Australia on managing outdoor air pollution

  • Posted on Thursday 19th, December 2019.

Government agency, Safe Work Australia, said workplaces must have measures in place to protect worker health and safety and manage the risks of working outdoors in light of recent bushfires.

Parts of Australia have been experiencing reduced outdoor air quality as a result of bushfire smoke and airborne dust.

Safe Work Australia recommends that business operators consider the geographic location of their workplace.

"If you are in close proximity to a dust storm or smoke from bushfires, check your local air quality index to obtain the latest health advice," Safe Work Australia said in a statement.

The Safe Work Australia website has an outline of recommendations for identifying and managing air pollution risks.

State and territories have primary responsibility for monitoring and managing air quality in their jurisdictions.

For specific guidance and suggested actions, Safe Work Australia recommends local environmental agencies and WHS authorities.

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