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Smart Truck Solutions talks on-board digital scales

  • Posted on Friday 6th, April 2018.

Commercial vehicle equipment supplier, Smart Truck Solutions, said its range of exterior on-board digital scales from Right Weigh feature Bluetooth integration and mobile app capability, assisting operators maintain compliance while boosting productivity.

To maximise payload capacity, vehicle operators make the most of their trailing equipment’s cargo space, according to Smart Truck Solutions owner, Leigh Noske. He explained that it is important to ensure optimal load restraint and compliant weight distribution across a truck-trailer combination, advocating the use of on-board digital scales.

Smart Truck Solutions provides exterior digital load scales that are compatible with various truck and trailer air suspension and axle configurations, which is crucial for observing gross vehicle mass (GVM).

“The 201 Series is one of the most versatile exterior on-board digital scale systems from Right Weigh,” said Noske.

“It is available with a dual air input that can be used to monitor a single axle group with two height control valves or it can be used to monitor two separate axle groups on the same vehicle,” he said, explaining that the additional features of Right Weigh’s 201 Series exterior digital load scales, including PIN code protection and an overweight warning feature, is user-friendly and ideal for maintaining legal weights efficiently and safely.

In addition to providing real-time and accurate data on payload weight, Noske said the Right Weigh digital load scales can also synchronise via Bluetooth to a mobile device app for ease of use. “Users can view on-ground weight of their truck and trailer either from the heads-up-display on the unit or anywhere within Bluetooth range, and can share that information with fleet operators via email – promoting a safer and more productive way to monitor and maintain legal payload limits.”

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