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SRH Milk Haulage receives PBS A-doubles and tankers

  • Posted on Tuesday 14th, November 2017.

New South Wales-based bulk milk transport company, SRH Milk Haulage, has taken delivery of three Performance-Based Standards (PBS) approved 26m A-doubles and five single tankers from trailer builder, Byford Equipment.

SRH Milk Haulage Owner, Scott Harvey, has said that the recent custom Byford order will bring his total fleet size to around 100 tankers.

“SRH Milk Haulage’s main business is the daily transportation of bulk milk from the farmers to factories with the use of specialised farm collection tankers,” said Harvey. “As our milk cartage operations expand, there is more and more demand for heavy vehicle equipment. Having purchased tankers from Byford before, I got in touch with the trailer builder and it offered a good, economical concept that would promote improved productivity, better vehicle access and other advantages.”

Harvey has said that Byford managed all aspects of the new tanker builds. “These are not typical run-of-the mill tankers. Given the milk cartage requirement, each tanker is fitted with pumping gear, feeders, BPW brakes and other specialised gear.”

According to Byford, the BPW Electronic Braking System (EBS) is an ideal safety feature, providing anti-lock and load-sensed braking, offering drivers better heavy vehicle handling. “Tankers with liquid payloads are often difficult to drive, especially when shifts to the volume of the cargo can affect a heavy vehicle’s centre of gravity and overall stability.”

With 21 years in the milk cartage business, Harvey has developed a greater appreciation for running an efficient and cost-effective fleet. “PBS-approved vehicle equipment is essential for the business to be successful,” he said. “It would not be very economical or efficient to do what we do best, and that is haul temperature-sensitive liquid – milk – from dairy farms throughout Victoria. By investing in PBS equipment, the performance gains from improved payload capacity and utilising smart routes, SRH can continue to grow.”

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