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Steady going on the heavy vehicle front: ARTSA Data

  • Posted on Tuesday 9th, July 2019.

The Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA) has released its Q2 2019 market report, following last year’s annual growth in new registrations of 23 per cent across heavy vehicles.

ARTSA Data Executive Director, Rob Perkins, said that growth in new registrations was very strong for 2017-18 and it was an exceptional and record-setting year for new registrations in all categories.

“The results for financial year 2018/19 show a small decline in total new registrations when compared to the last, record setting financial year,” he said.

“Rigid truck and trailers managed a very small (less than 1 per cent) growth in the new registrations compared with the previous year, but heavy prime mover new registrations slid backwards six per cent compared with the previous year. Given that the previous year was a record with 35,700 new heavy vehicle registrations, 2018/19 has come very close to equally that total with 35,400 units newly registered.

“So, it seems to be steady going with new registrations remaining at or close to the record-breaking levels of 2017/18. The graph below shows the history of total new annual registrations for prime movers, trailers and rigids since 2015.”

Perkins said the lead indicator for new registrations (called the ‘never registered VIN index’) is still rising for prime movers. “The significance of this trend remains to be seen,” he said. “Trailers numbers in the never registered VIN index are steady.”

In related news, the fourth annual ARTSA Data Day is being held on 17 September at Lifesaving Victoria in Port Melbourne.

“This is a once a year chance to hear about the trends across the range of heavy and medium duty vehicles, review forecasts and discuss the development of the ARTSA Data Collection,” said Perkins. “We will also have a number of speakers from other organisations discussing their own data collections. The full program will be released later in July.”

For more details contact Perkins via email:

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