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Steelbro enhances SMARTlift technology

  • Posted on Friday 21st, April 2017.

Steelbro has revealed new features on its SMARTlift load monitoring system aimed at optimising the performance of its side-loaders.

“Steelbro has introduced the Black Out Power Supply as part of the SMARTlift, a system that removes the secondary battery, increasing the product’s service life and reduces maintenance, in turn decreasing service costs,” said Roy Lombardi, Managing Director of Steelbro parent company, Howard Porter. In addition, SMARTlift weighs a container as part of a normal lift with plus and minus 100kg accuracy.”

Lombardi said the new SMARTlift offering now gives users have the option of selecting an engine cool down kit, which helps to reduce the thermal stress on the side-lifter by automating operational procedures. “This allows for the engine to run at idle for 60 seconds after the side-loader has been shut down,” he said.

According to Steelbro, the SMARTlift features are available on all new SB362 side-loaders and can also be installed on existing SB362 units as a software upgrade by a service agent.

The SMARTlift’s main function is collecting data, but also preventing the side-loader from operating outside normal safety standards, which results in the machine operating more efficiently. The SMARTlift means the side-loader is less likely to be worn down through inaccurate handling or from overweight loads. More importantly, the system results in less down time and lowers repair costs, giving owners value for purchase.

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