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Steelbro side-loader powers Perth business

  • Posted on Thursday 10th, November 2016.

Perth’s Warners Transport & Distribution has taken delivery of its first Steelbro SB-362 RS side-loader from Steelbro’s Western Australia-based parent company, Howard Porter.

Warners said flexibility was the key requirement of the new Steelbro’s side-loader. “The SB-362 controls strictly use an electric- over hydraulic system, which is quite new to us,” said Geoff Underdown, Transport Manager, Warners Transport & Distribution.

“Our older units are air over hydraulics, which means the side-loaders still need to be connected to the truck air supply while it’s still running to operate. We no longer need to use the truck for air supply, therefore, we reduce fuel consumption and wear and tear on the prime mover.”

Underdown added. “The tareweight of the SB-362 is 10 tonnes, which is one tonne lighter than our older models and what other competitors were offering. It may not seem significant, but a one tonne difference is important to us because we can load extra cargo. We needed a side-loader to lift and handle as much as 23 tonnes, and this SB-362 can easily account for that weight.”

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