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Third quarter plateaus after record two-year run: ARTSA

  • Posted on Thursday 11th, October 2018.

Registration data from Q3 to end September 2018 shows a flattening of growth in the heavy vehicle sector following strong growth that commenced at the beginning of 2016, according to the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association (ARTSA).

The graph below illustrates the trend for new trailer registrations but is very similar for prime mover and rigid new vehicle registrations, suggesting that new registrations have plateaued.

While Q3 new registrations are still at or close to historic highs for that quarter compared to previous Q3 results, the rise in new registrations, according to ARTSA, has flattened across the board.

“Rigid vehicles appear to have maintained the strongest momentum,” ARTSA said in a statement. “Whether these trends will be reflected in Q4 new registrations at end December 2018 can only be speculated, however Q4 data has always exceeded new registrations for other quarters since the ARTSA data collection commenced in 2014.”

In September, ARTSA inducted its latest group of Life Members at a dinner in Melbourne.

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