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Toll opens Kimberley-Clark distribution centres

  • Posted on Monday 2nd, December 2019.

Transport and logistics company, Toll, has announced that all of its Kimberly-Clark distribution centres across Australia are now online.

Toll said in a statement it is is proud to have reached all go-live milestones for the warehousing operations in Victoria, Queensland and Perth. Joining the Regional and National Distribution Centre’s in Erskine Park NSW, all five distribution centres are now operational for Kimberly-Clark, one of Australia’s largest fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies.

“This achievement is a credit to our staff and our client," said Jason Bush, Executive General Manager – Retail, Consumer & Healthcare Global Logistics. "We look forward to a successful partnership in the years ahead."

In other news, Toll extended its global graduate program to consider applicants from India and China.

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