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Toll to deliver efficiency gains for Coles

  • Posted on Tuesday 11th, June 2019.

Transport and logistics company, Toll, has strengthened its 45-year partnership with supermarket company, Coles, becoming the retailer’s delivery partner for Coles in Victoria, South Australia and most of Queensland.

Toll officially became a delivery partner for Coles in Victoria in February, servicing four distribution centres.

Toll will service Coles’ operations in Queensland from 1 July 2019 and South Australia as of 1 September 2019. The contract is reported to bring 400 drivers, office workers and sub-contractors top support Coles’ primary and secondary deliveries from suppliers to the distribution centres and then across the network of Coles supermarkets.

“There will be 250 of Toll and sub-contractor partner prime movers hauling 380 Coles trailers,” Toll said.

“Toll won the competitive tender with special note given to Toll’s innovative control tower integration that monitors the road fleet and tracks delivery requirements to ensure maximum efficiency.

“This means that if a full load is taken from the distribution centre to the supermarket, the integrated system notes if there is an opportunity for a nearby collection from a supplier, to avoid an empty truck on the return journey.

“This reduces the overall time of the fleet on the road, bringing commercial and environment benefits to Coles and Toll.”

Toll announced its long-term plans with Coles in November 2018.

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