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Trusted Supplier: Liner Supply – 2019 BTS Preview

  • Posted on Wednesday 15th, May 2019.

Using a customer-centred approach, backed by its own manufacturing expertise, Liner Supply has searched the globe, so it can deliver a range of high quality building materials that meet the needs of the local trailer manufacturing market.

Established over 15 years ago, Liner Supply provides a wide range of fibreglass laminates, extruded polystyrene foams, polyurethane foams, polyethylene terephthalate foams, and adhesives and sealants to various industries in Australia and New Zealand, including commercial road transport.
Seeking out some of the most respected product manufacturers from around the world, Liner Supply has formed exclusive Australasian distribution agreements with several renowned European suppliers.

Starting out in 2003 as a composite sandwich panel manufacturer, the business has grown into a highly respected distributor for brands that include Italian fibreglass manufacturer Brianza Plastica, German extruded polystyrene foam manufacturer Jackon Insulation, and German adhesive and sealant 
manufacturer Kömmerling.

Fibreglass specialist
Headquartered in Carate Brianza in Northern Italy and operating from five production sites in Italy, Brianza Plastica has been manufacturing fibreglass products since 1962. It is currently the only European manufacturer capable of supplying fibreglass laminates obtained by both continuous hot-lamination and discontinuous cold-lamination processes, giving the business maximum production flexibility.

Elyplan, the company’s continuous machine-made fibreglass laminates are available in thicknesses ranging from 0.8 to 3mm, and up to a maximum width of 3200mm. Elycold, which refers to its discontinuous handmade fibreglass laminates comes in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 4mm, up to a maximum width of 3400mm.

Brianza Plastica fibreglass laminates are designed to be highly durable, lightweight, offer strong corrosion resistance and high elasticity.
By using innovative technologies, Brianza Plastica has achieved high standards of sustainability and low environmental impact during all of its production stages.

Keeping it cool
Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Fredrikstad, Norway, Jackon AS has been producing extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam since 1985. It operates from 18 locations across six countries in Europe including Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, and Germany. The Mechau industrial product facility in Germany is the largest plant in the Jackon Group.

Jackon products are manufactured in compliance with technical, legal and ethical standards, meeting or exceeding Global Warming Potential (GWP) requirements.

Its Jackodur Plus product range is designed for optimal thermal efficiency. Liner Supply explains that it offers an industry leading k-value of 0.027, an industry leading thickness tolerance of +/- 0.15mm, and compressive strengths available from 200 to 700 kPa. This range is available in custom board lengths ranging from 1000 to 4000mm, and custom board widths ranging from 450 to 1500mm. Jackon Insulation guarantees that its Jackodur product range will retain 90 per cent of its thermal resistance over a 50-year period from the date of manufacture.

Sticking together
German company Kömmerling Chemische Fabrik GmbH is headquartered in the city of Pirmasens. It manufactures a high quality range of adhesives and sealants for the commercial vehicle sector.

The business was founded in 1897; and in 2017, its parent company Royal Adhesives was acquired by HB Fuller, a global adhesives provider that manufactures adhesives, sealants and other speciality chemicals.\

Kömmerling offers a wide range of adhesives for sandwich panel lamination, adhesives and sealants for assembly bonding and finishing, and ranges of floor coatings, primers and cleaners. Its Korapur sandwich panel adhesive technology covers both two-component and three-component polyurethanes which are available in a broad range of consistencies and reaction times. Its assembly and finishing product ranges include Korapur 1K and 2K polyurethanes; and Körapop 1K and 2K silane-terminated polymers.

Since being established in 1897, Kömmerling has continued to set milestones in modern bonding and sealing by the development of new technologies, making it one of Europe’s leading adhesive suppliers for commercial vehicles in general, and trailer construction in particular.

Liner Supply is exhibiting at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show, stand 166, mezzanine.

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