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TSA bolsters crumbed rubber asphalt trial in SA

  • Posted on Friday 5th, April 2019.

The City of Mitcham is paving the way for crumbed rubber in South Australia, with help from Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA).

December last year, the City of Mitcham confirmed that around 850 used tyres were recycled to pave a 335-metre stretch of road at Stanlake Avenue in St Marys, Adelaide, as part of a trial funded by TSA to support research and development into ways of improving local markets for tyre-derived products.

TSA told Prime Creative Media (PCM) that the trial aims to determine how suitable the road alternative is through cracking, rutting, moisture retention and general durability tests especially as it is a denser mix.

The two-year trial, according to Roads & Infrastructure Australia, is implementing three separate mix types on the one stretch of suburban road – polymer, traditional asphalt and the mix using crumbed rubber. Road-wear indicators including the surface’s resistance to cracking, presence of rutting and deformation where the optimal road will maintain its form over time, will assist trial analysts with their investigation.

TSA Market Development Manager, Liam O’Keefe, told PCM that rubberised dense grade mixes are uncommon in Australia with a brief test in the City of Casey, but not to the extent of testing and monitoring of this trial. He added that interest has grown in the product after the Mitcham installation, with councils across Queensland and New South Wales reaching out to TSA with requests.

“We’ll be funding crumb rubber-oriented projects in different states across the year, it has created some really positive interest," said O'Keefe.

He explained that while a crumbed rubber mix may not always be the cheapest option up front, the evidence of its effectiveness make it a cheaper and more viable product over its lifetime, lasting an extra five years or more.

TSA aims to use its meticulously gathered empirical evidence to become a sector-wide advocate for the innovation and facilitate a network that captures these benefits.

Last month, TSA called for industry to reconsider dumping tyres with dubious oversease operators.

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